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Data protection
Any data received from you via Internet will be used solely for the purposes you have specified. and, the Website of Flowcube Communications AG, serves as a means of providing information about Flowcube.

A great deal of care went into ensuring security and the trouble-freefunctioning of the website during usage. The website is updated regularly both on a technical level and with regard to content. Despite the fact that all the best possible measures are taken to ensure security, proper functioning, and up-to-dateness and confidentiality of data, they cannot be fully guaranteed due to the public nature of the Internet. Users make use of the websites published by us at their own risk. This also applies to e-mails [electronic mail], as well as links that could lead you to us, and links that we provide you, respectively, as well as to the contents of the websites contacted via links of third parties. Flowcube Communications AG is not liable whatsoever for direct or indirect harm that comes to users of websites or third parties as a result of contact or transactions via the Internet; in particular they are not liable for the correctness, up-to-dateness and completeness of the data displayed and data received via telephone or e-mail. Flowcube particularly [but not in totality] accepts no responsibility for transmission errors, technical flaws, disturbances or interruptions in the telephone network/Internet access, illegal interventions with respect to the set-up of the network, smuggling of viruses, copying and falsification of data and contents, overloading of the network, non-recognition of falsifications, possible identification deficiencies, as well as the wilful or coincidental blocking of electronic access by third parties.

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